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About Bobby

A Detroit native with hair on his mind, Bobby Fintor loved hair as a child and has always thought he is lucky to love what he does. At 14, Bobby had his first brush with hair as a hair model where he acquired blue locks. Thus began his fascination with hair, color and texture. He studied at the David Pressley School of Cosmetology in Royal Oak, Michigan learning to work with all hair types, textures and styles. He then traveled to Europe and Asia. He worked in Osaka, Japan where he learned Asian techniques and styling of hair. It was during his travels in Asia that Bobby developed a keen interest in the environment, having seen first hand the destruction that waste and chemicals have on the beauty of the Earth.

A New Yorker for the past decade, Bobby has developed his own style of cutting and coloring hair, focusing on ammonia free permanent hair coloring and the “dry cut” technique while living a green life. He believes by cutting dry you can see what the hair will do and how it will lay, enabling one to design a look that is true to the client’s needs. Looking to minimize his impact on the environment, he looks for products that are as effective as they were eco-friendly. He worked with the product line MOP for years but had yet to find a color line that satisfied both his professional and environmental needs until 8 years ago when he was introduced to an organic, ammonia-free hair color line. This started a green revolution. He now uses the organic line and a permanent hair coloring line that is PPD, Resorcinol & Ammonia free. A permanent hair coloring line that works without itching, burning and irritation of traditional hair coloring. Beauty can be a painless, enjoyable experience. Using the most clean, green professional permanent hair color line on the market today greening the planet one head at a time. It is revolutionizing the hair care industry. Bobby Fintor – Greening the planet one client at a time.

Smooth and Straightening

It is a beautiful range of long-lasting, permanent hair coloring containing certified organic and natural ingredients. Make a minus a positive. 100% ammonia-free, PPD (paraphenylenediamine) Free. PPD is pigment that often causes allergic reactions. Some very server. You should enjoy hair coloring that doesn’t make you want to bring a gas mask to get your hair done.
Yes, it will cover grey beautifully. Yes, it is permanent. No, it will not fade any faster than ammoniated color lines. Fading is often an affect of external factors such as chlorine, harsh products and sun. Proper care can greatly reduce these factors.
Organic Coloring uses a combination of gentle ingredients with MEA to raise the PH of the hair, softening the cuticle so color can enter the hair shaft. With no ammonia there is no toxic gas. Ammonia gas can dissolve in water to form Ammonium Hydroxide, which is highly corrosive. Something used in most industrial floor cleaners.
Not always true. Henna is very unpredictable, reddish and often messy to use to color hair. Most Hennas have PPD and some even have Resorcinol in them. Plus, henna often fades unevenly to a bright orangish-red on lighter hair. It is not the best at covering grey hair.
It is cheap to manufacture. Interesting, the Danish government has banned the mixing of ammonia colors in salons. They have to be mixed under an extraction system in a separate room. MEA does not give off a gas when used in hair color.
Yes, there is a beautiful range of blondes and an ammonia-free lightener. I myself use it to make my very dark hair platinum blond. Because it has no ammonia you don’t get a yucky yellow tone.
Yes, unfortunately people can be allergic to anything. Some people are allergic to the pigment used in hair coloring and others can be allergic to any of the ingredients in coloring. It is always recommended to do a patch test before coloring for the first time. For most people it is ammonia that is irritating and causes a reaction. The use of a PPD and Resorcinol free hair coloring greatly reduces allergic reactions to hair coloring. Without ammonia there are many advantages. There is little to no staining on the skin and you don’t get bands of color, hot roots (lighter at the roots) and/or colors that fade to strange off tone. Skin irritation and burning on the scalp is significantly reduced, due to the pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide H2O2 which is used.
No, it is pharmaceutical grade. It is a green compound used in a controlled environment. H2O2 is used in many green cleaners, whitening of teeth, toothpastes, floor cleaners and for clothes in laundry. If it can go in your mouth, it should be good enough for your hair.
One of the biggest trends recently is ammonia-free coloring. The Organic Coloring I use has been in Europe over 15 years. Often the larger companies use chemicals that are just as or more volatile and toxic than ammonia. Many major companies have reputations for being green, but they are full of horrible ingredients and they test on animals, or their parent company tests on animals.

Hair Color

Healthy Vegan Hair Smoothing
No Formaldehyde - No Chemical or Health Worries Softens or Eliminates Curls
No Irritating Fumes or Odors
Shine Without Compromise

No longer do you have to put up with the toxic fumes of a Brazilian, Keratin and any other straightening. Zerran Vegan RealLisse hair smoothing system. No more frizz or fuzz. Smooth your hair and add shine while you breath freely. A patented, botanically based system offering semi-permanent smoothing MINUS the use of formaldehyde, aldehydes, thioglycolate or other harsh chemicals. The 100% vegan formulation includes wheat, corn and soy proteins and no keratin or other animal products to relax curl and tame frizzy hair.

This professional system is for salon use only. Dermatologically tested. No gloves or masks needed. No irritating fumes or odors. Hair can still be curled with curling iron or rollers. RealLisseTM can be used on hair that is colored or bleached. Smoothing results last 2 to 4 months, or longer.

Organic Lounge 11

I open Organic Lounge 11 with a vision to create an intimate, cozy space dedicated to organic "green" beauty. Committed to using ingredients and services that are free of the harmful chemicals and toxins frequently used in non-organic hair care spaces. Starting from a state of the art water alkalizing filtration system few salons in the city have invested in to provide for overall client experience A place where you can kick off your shoes and relax with a cup of fine organic herbal tea, an espresso or a glass of wine. Take a moment to escape as your hair is transformed. Enhancing the beauty of others has been a lifelong passion of mine, and I’m excited to see my dream realized at Organic Lounge 11, A space dedicated to organic beauty